Team Aethernal


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  • Aethernal ZOPL

    ZOPL joins Aethernal. We welcome Kyu, Ray, molkiT and Noka.
    With assistance of IceBlue the 4 newcomers now try to stand as a compact team.
    We're looking forward to see them compete in their first leagues and tournaments.

  • SINN League

    The season ended. Team Aethernal endet at the 3rd place with a series of 7/5.
    Sinn League Group 4.2

  • Liga der Rivalen

    Aethernal secures the 2nd place out of 128 teams at the "Liga der Rivalen" tournament.
    Congrats to the winner team NeverBadVibes.

  • New Members

    Our team is still looking for players and a second coach.
    Contact "ATH SkyBlue" on LoL directly or complete the regristration form HERE.